Ze biggest component for success (not time management, money, or relationships)

These egg breakfasts are very conducive to learning, I noticed. 

After petting my dawg, Bulldozer (a black labrador and golden retriever, I might show you a picture of him if you behave well), I went into the kitchen to read.

One of the biggest revelations I had during reading was that the biggest component for success wasn’t time management, money, relationships, or any other thing that “gurus” propagate.

It’s something that we, as a society, neglected as a whole.

We had a glimpse of it during Math classes at school, but we didn’t apply it to real-life situations and thus forgot about it quickly.

This component ( contrary to what many people believe ) is a learnable skill.


You’re on the edge of your seat by now, wanting to learn what this vital component is for success.


The thing I’m talking about here is problem-solving. Your ability to think critically when problems arise and approach them objectively. Your ability to not blame others, the system, or any other outside factor and take ownership and try to resolve it most effectively.

Whose fault do you think it is when your client starts talking shiet and doesn’t want to pay you?

You might think it’s your client’s fault. 

And you might think that it was their betrayal. 

Was it, though?

They betrayed you, yes. But who let them betray you? Who was blind to the coming signs? Maybe you didn’t do your end of the deal and your client just reacted to your bad work ethic.

Could it be that you… Didn’t vet your client correctly?

Many similar mistakes and maladies prey on beginner copywriters that make them lose heart, blame “the game”, and give up.