“You look like Andrew Tate”

Nowadays, I get this a lot.

Maybe my being bald doesn’t help, but whatever.

The case in question was a very enjoyable, albeit very brief party we had with some long-unseen and unspoken-to friends of ours. After a few shots of Jäegermeister and pálinka (washed down with some beer of course), one of my friends noted that I look like Top G.

I don’t know your stance on him, neither do I care.

But I guess I’ll take it as a compliment because looking like a multi-millionaire kickboxer who has an iron mind that neither being in prison nor the WHOLE WORLD turning against him could break is pretty damn good.

Coupled with my old friends telling me that “you’ve grown up”.

That’s when all the sweat I put into my work and life really bears fruit.

All the grueling workouts,

All the hours put into copywriting, whether it be writing or reading, 

And all the abstinence required to excel at these things feels worth it.

And I imagine that it will only be better – provided I continue doing those things that propelled me to the place in the first place.

Which I will, guaranteed. 

Does it sound prideful? 100%.

Do I care? 

Phools who sit all day in front of their TV watching Netflix and munching on Pringles while drinking their favorite sugary Starbucks latte while having their phone blow up from all the notifications from replies they get in their little “safe spaces” will probably never understand this.

That’s why they shit on people who’ve put something on the table.

Because they can’t do it.

And they never will.

They’re too busy giving themselves so much dopamine that their brain can’t handle it and they can’t read a book because their attention span is practically destroyed.

You probably see it everywhere,

But we have less attention span than a friggin’ aquarium-dwelling goldfish.

Maybe that’s why they can’t listen to full videos of a particular bald G and draw conclusions without even seeing his stuff.

What does it tell of a person’s character if he says “I hate X” without knowing why?

I don’t know, but I did that when I was like seven and based my entire worldview on how I felt and not reason.

So yeah.

We’ve come a pretty big circle from someone pointing out to me that I look like Andrew Tate, but so be it.

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