“YO! Come outside ‘cause we got a better firework out here!”

This was how yours truly greeted his neighbors after a few shots of pálinka and a glass of champagne when he saw them coming out of their house to watch the fireworks local people regularly shoot out during New Year’s Eve.

When they saw my “firework”, they gasped in disbelief and thought I was joking.

As I let it out into the air, 

It had a louder “Bang!” than the others.

And it was a lot cooler ( at least in my opinion ).

But it didn’t have any color. All it had was the ability to make a loud bang faster and more times than the other, lesser “fireworks” could only dream about.

I got this special “explosive” in fifth grade when I was still fat and had mushroom hair.

It was in the plains of Hortobágy where the traditional gray bovines with their long horns graze.

If you’re perspicacious, then you might have noticed that I’m not talking about a real explosive. We ( and I believe you as well ) have to bring back the unused fireworks to the stores by January 8th or somewhere around that date. 

So what was my cooler “firework”, then?

It was a bullwhip. After repeatedly almost blinding yourself and creating stinging wounds on your body with it, you have the ability to create sound explosions with it.

I made a cooler “firework show” with no colorful explosions, only my experience and a random bullwhip ( videos probably won’t give back the same sound ).

So where do I want to go with this?

Sometimes, a little bit of humanity and relatability is all we need. In our personal lives, and in our copywriting/professional lives. It makes others and your audiences able to relate to you more.

Now, I’m not saying that you should be a clown and always make jokes.

All I’m saying is that it’s beneficial to bring your personality into everything you do.

So buy yourself a bullwhip and make sound explosions with it instead of buying fireworks. Trust me, your family, friends, and neighbors will think it much cooler.

Speaking about “buying”, you can also “buy” my ebook where I talk about the common pitfalls beginner copywriters fall into and how I avoided them.