Will we conduct sales calls and client interviews with VR?

Today when shredding my legs apart with an awesome leg workout, I was listening to a podcast Joe Rogan did with Mark Zuckerberg.

I might be late to the game because it was posted in August, but whatever.

The stuff they’re talking about still applies to today. Especially since AI is taking over so massively.


What did I learn?

  • Meta is working on a virtual reality-esque thing that will be able to recognize facial expressions, mimics, body language, and eye movement and will be able to create an experience 99% similar to having a real life conversation
  • They’re also working on glasses with Rayban (the aviator sunglasses company) that can be used to give you an online presence without having to look at your phone. With a twist of your wrist you can reply, for example, to your spouse when she messages you in the middle of a meeting and not have to worry about being rude.
  • He is a lizardman

Oh wait.

He probably isn’t.

Listening to the interview I found out just how human he was, after all.

He has the same problems as we do, but magnified 100000X because of dealing with platforms that involve 3.5 billion people. That’s basically half the world’s population that he “has access to” via Facebook, Instagram, and all the things that Meta is involved in.

He surfs, takes care of his two kids, and he nurtures his relationship with his wife.

What might be the most shocking to you…

He also lives a very active life!

He does martial arts (MMA and Jiu-Jitsu), he surfs, walks a lot, and spends a lot of time in nature.

I can imagine that he needs those with all that stress-load.

But we’re not here to talk about Mr. Zuck and his possible affiliations with some alien race that has come here to enslave the Earth’s population in Matrix-like fashion.

We’re here to talk about VR and Alternate Reality (AR).

And that we might conduct sales calls and interviews with clients via those platforms.


Because of their efficiencies and how much better they are for real-life-mimicking interactions. When talking on Zoom or on phone, you don’t really see the expressions of the other person the way you’d see them when you’re talking to them over a table, sipping coffee.

Also, the physical distance barrier is so high, you probably wouldn’t be able to travel to their location just to conduct a one-hour meeting.

For example,

One of my former clients lives in Spain and it would’ve been impossible for us to travel to each other’s location simply because of the 2000 km-s that separate us from each other.

But with VR?

Mr. Zuck said that VR or AR will be so advanced that if we wanted to, we could even play poker via those platforms.

So why not conduct sales calls and meetings with copywriting clients?

It will work in a similar fashion to Star Wars holograms where we can see their entire bodies and not just stare into a screen.

Pretty wild stuff.

And I don’t know if we’re prepared for that.

Will we have such advanced VR and AR systems that they will completely replace the real world – or the physical world as Mark calls it? 

Probably not.

Engaging in the physical world will probably still take the forefront of our attention. And, after all, real life still happens in the real world.


The complex systems that our brain has – like feeling physical sensations and creating a feedback loop around those sensations, for example hitting someone in the face – will probably never be replaced. Maybe we could simulate the experience similar to the movie Ready Player One when they wore a suit and it sent signals to their brains about certain feelings.

The bottom line is that we’ll be able to experience “very real” experiences with VR calls with the full array of mimics, expressions, and the like.

We’re still in the “eggshell-on-the-butt” phase. 

But who knows what the future will bring 20 years from now?

Who could’ve imagined in 2000 that we’ll have a lower attention span than a goldfish’s and that we’ll spend the most of our free time around screens and that we’ll be able to see the other person in a high definition at any time we want to?

We’ll see what the future brings in 2040.

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