When in doubt, whip it out – Gandhi, 1942

Such is the wisdom of an old sage who is the icon of the silent rebellion against British occupation of India.

I think that if everybody lived by this mantra, then our global society would fare much, much better.

Let me list a few things that would be better if everyone whipped it out when in doubt:

  • There would be no hunger in certain parts of the world because with doubt gone, people would distribute food much better than now
  • Productivity – and thus GDP – would skyrocket because people would no longer contemplate whether they should go the extra mile or not and put in insane hours into work.
  • The abysmal rate of divorce being above 50% would plummet to zero because doubt and “life between the sheets” would be much more… “alive”.
  • People would no longer be confused about what to do with their lives because their purpose would find them while “doing”.
  • Depression and anxiety would be cured because people wouldn’t have time to fry their brains with the newest celebrity drama and crying on social media and would instead focus on fixing their miserable lives.

As you can see, whipping it out when in doubt would bring a lot of merry things into this world of ours.

Some might even call it Heaven on Earth.

And I would be one of that crowd.

But what should you whip out?

Naaah, I’m not talking about that, you dirty-minded heathen!

I’m talking about your tools – your keyboard (if you’re a copywriter), documents, pen, book, pickaxe, ax, chainsaw, shovel, hoe, spade, pruner, dusters, oven mitts, wooden spoon, and any other kind of tool that can be used to work and improve your life as a result.

So many people just sit in doubt, crying in the corner miserably about how crappy their lives are.

Instead of whipping out their tools of the trade and getting something meaningful done.

I reckon that 99% of the problems listed above would disappear if people didn’t cry and moan about their shiety situation but instead took control of their lives, whipped out their toolbox, and started doing their work.

Is the solution to all the world’s problems this simple?

Probably not.

But at least a majority of them would disappear.

And all it would take is whipping it out when in doubt. (Not the “other” kind of whipping it out, that’s reprehensible and should be a banned activity because it’s a worse “epidemic” than alcohol or smoking COMBINED)

If you’re a copywriter and in doubt,

Whip out my ebook from theprybar.com