How to make your problems give you unlimited fuel for your writing

Although it’s good to draw inspiration from your everyday life when it comes to writing content ( whether it be online or the ol’-school paper way ), 

I don’t want to delve into that.

At least not now.

I’m talking about some other problems you might face when attempting to make a living in freelance copywriting ( or any other venture, for that matter ), such as:

  • Your client not paying in time ( it’s only a problem if you have one )
  • You being unable to figure out how you should structure your emails, posts, or sales letters
  • Your kids not listening to you
  • Your partner has an attitude every time you talk with them
  • Your parents are sick and you need to take care of them
  • Your dog scratching out the soil from your flowerpots and then pissing in them
  • Your whole body aches and you just can’t be motivated to write a word

Etc. etc.

As you can see, there can be numerous problems that plague our everyday lives. And it doesn’t matter who you are or where you are, you’re GOING TO face problems anyway.

You cannot avoid them.


What separates high achievers from losers is the ability to frame their problems in a way that, instead of dragging them down, fuels them to take massive action and conquer life.

Look at your problems as opportunities to give you energy. Because they will.