The little four-letter word we have a chronic aversion from

Someone’s gotta say it,

Our society is going down the drain by a society-wide aversion from a little four-letter word that our ancestor regarded highly and was praised in all societies (which survived the tides of history, that is)

No one wants to do it, but everyone wants its fruits.

This little word is work.

Everybody wants this or that “get rich quick” scheme, not willing to do any work and expect fast results. No one wants to do the daily grind of practicing, reading, and writing to become a prolific copywriter. No one wants to exercise and sculpt themselves a healthy body through the rigors of training, but everyone wants a pill that will magically solve their problems (while making them dependent on insulin for survival). And also, no one wants to develop business savvy, read hundreds of books and go out into “the wilderness” to EARN the right to having money, but everyone wants to jump on the next crypto pump or whatever instant riches scheme some guru purports.

Another example:

There was an easy job in the village where one could work five extra hours if they wanted to for a higher wage than communal labor (by far the lowest paid workers in Hungary are communal workers who tidy the village/town and water the flowers and stuff). All they had to do was circle around the village and supply food from the kindergarten’s kitchen to people who wanted it.

The problem?

They had to work through the entirety of the five hours and not have any downtime.

Like they do at communal work.

So guess what? Those people remained slaving for a 40% lower pay at communal work because they didn’t want to work hard.

This is why I think everyone deserves where they are in life. They either put in the work or they didn’t.

Which camp do you fall into?

Would you rather do the work over years and make a name for yourself through the fires and pain of tribulations that are associated with success?

Or would you just take the magic “weight-loss pill” for short-term gratification.

One of my university professors said this very well:

“Success doesn’t have a secret – it has a price”


Even though I sometimes question the worth of being at university, the nuggets of gold (and the ability to be with so many young people in one place) more than makes up for the lost time.

Pay the price for success and don’t be a little wimp who only wants the quick solution to their problems in life. Realize that it won’t take a day, or a week, or a month, or even one year to become successful. Not in the realm of wealth, fitness, or any other endeavor that’s worth pursuing.

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