The “D” many people do to mental and physical health

Many people, especially in the modern age, do a “D” to mental and physical health and they wonder why their life is crap.

And no, I’m not talking about a phallus or any similar… objects.

The “D” in question isn’t even their grade concerning these subjects. 


It’s disconnecting their physical and mental health from each other. You see, almost everyone in the world views mental health as a separate entity from physical health and takes antidepressants instead of looking at the cause and effect of things. They say that “I’m fat because I’m depressed. I eat all that junk food, drink soda instead of water, and stuff my mind with mindless entertainment all day long. It’s because I’m depressed.”

To which I would say: No, you’re fat and that is why you feel depressed.

I’ve never met one person who put their life in order and still felt depressed. 

Myself included.

Back then, I would have anxiety creeping up on me every time I stopped doing something to distract myself.

And it was probably because I was fat. ( and later skinny fat, only my height changed )

And since I started changing my body and getting my life in order?

Everything’s fine.

  • I don’t have anxiety creeping in every time I’m alone with my thoughts
  • My friendships are better and more sincere
  • And I’m feeling driven every single time I’m doing something
  • Not to mention my newfound zest for life.

Bottom line:

Fix your physical health and your mind will thank you. Big time.