Never use the “T” word when you’re writing, reading, or running

Never, ever.

This “T” word is so destructive that it makes people instantly forget what their goals are and the reason they’re struggling every single day in life.

It also…

  • Gets you into writer’s block, making you unable to write one more word until you banish this word out of your head
  • Makes your writing sloppier and slower (Two things you probably don’t want if your writing pays the bills and feeds the kids)
  • Banishes the possibility of smashing your records, whether it be the most words you’ve written, the most you’ve read in a day, or the longest distance you’ve run
  • Makes you reluctant to hit another character on your keyboard
  • And also, this word makes you timid and unable to speak to clients in a way only kopeewriturs could (been a while since I bashed our favorite malformed brothers and sisters)

As you can see, 

This “T” word has catastrophic consequences.

And many people shoot themselves (and others around them) in the foot when they say it out loud.

I would argue that this is the reason for most of humanity’s problems (and of course the fact that our attention span is now shorter than a goldfish’s and thus we can’t sit in a room alone and think)

So, what’s this destructive word?

I’ll get to it in a moment.

First, let me tell you how I lifted the veil from this terrible word.

As I woke up today, I was pondering which neighboring village I’ll run to.

Should I take the shorter route?

Or should I take the longer one?

As the warm blanket surrounded me with its embrace, thoughts like “It’s cold anyway, you’ll get a sore throat if you go the longer route”, or “You have to prepare yourself for the longer distance”, and “You didn’t sleep well for days. You’re T….”

“HOL’ UP!”

As the T word reared its ugly head, I immediately pushed it under my blanket and jumped straight out of bed.


I won’t let you spoil my entire day on this fine January morning.”

The “T” word tried encroaching during my run as well, but I kicked it far, far away so it won’t come back to haunt me today.

By now you’ve probably guessed which word it is, but for those with weaker perception, let me spill the beans:

It’s the word “Tired”.

Tiredness is the enemy of all great inventions.

If you let it encroach on your mind and let it swell into a festering blight then your entire day is ruined. 

It makes you want to throw your laptop out the window, lie in your bed and watch Netflix all day.

It makes you not want to give a phuck about your client’s requests and observations about your copy and proceed with writing a shiet copy, ruining the agreement for both of you.

And it also makes you spend far more time on tasks than you should and makes you inefficient, hurting your bottom line, reputation, and output big time.

Never use that word.

Especially around other people because you’ll drag them down with you.

Ain’t no one got better results from crying about how tired they are.

You won’t either.

Grit your teeth, slog through the day, and you’ll be extra thankful for the soft, warm pillows and the comfort of your bed after a hard day of exceeding your perceived limitations and overcoming feelings.

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