How to write killer emails part 3 – A lover behind a crimson curtain

That is how this part should be like. 

Revealing just enough so you know who’s behind the curtain and what awaits you behind it; but not enough for you to see the full picture.

And that is what makes it so exciting.

So irresistible.

And creates the thought in your prospect’s head: 

“I want more!”

Of course, if you didn’t know by now, I’m talking about the lead part of the email. It should lead your prospect slowly, carefully, and teasingly, down to the body part – you cannot close right away. It would be like “getting the act done” with your lover behind the crimson curtain without any ahem… “play”.

Some people like it that way, but many others don’t.

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What should this part be like?


I think I’ve given you enough examples to figure it out.

But because I’m a generous, jacked, handsome, bald guy, I’m gonna give you another example. < for instagram, plug in my site for them to read more. >

Here we go. Let’s use yesterday’s example: man in his 40’s, lost his strength, can’t eat what he wants according to the docs, and pants even after walking one mile.

Let’s add yesterday’s headline for the whole context.

“Regain your youthful vigor one bite at a time”

They say that a man ages like wine: In his 40s, he’s got his career established, has his family, his kids are well on their way to getting started in life, and soon he’ll have grandkids.

These are all reasons for joy.

But can you experience joy if you can’t play football with your grandkids because you pant even after walking half a mile? Or lift them up and throw them in the air, hearing their playful giggle because they trust grandpa to catch them no matter what?

How can you believe the fact that men age like wine when you’ve got your life established yet you can’t eat what you want because your doctor “said so”?

Those crispy bacon with eggs for breakfast, washed down with a nice cup of coffee…

A glass of wine with your sweetheart on a warm summer evening…

Your favorite steak with potatoes…

All those worth-living-for meals are things of the past, swapped to boring legumes, chicken, and rice. With only a little bit of salt, might I add! 

(And skim milk, avoid fat at all costs!)

Well, what if I told you that those meals you’ve loved all your life don’t have to be things of the past?

(Along with the steak, bacon, coffee, wine, and those fatty foods that actually build testosterone)

This went on for a bit long.

No matter, It was an example of an email that could be written for an audience of 40-year-old men who have heart problems and lost their youthful vigor.

Tomorrow, we’ll be looking at the body part of the email.

That’s when you go beyond the curtain and… get down to business.

So stay tuned!