How to write killer emails part 2 – almost the only thing that matters

Without it, there’s no email.

Nothing you write after this point matters if you don’t grab your audience’s attention with the headline of your email.

Now, there are nuances to this.

If you have your own list of rabid followers who have been following you for years, then it doesn’t matter as much what you write in the headline as long as they see your name on the side.

But for the ordinary townsfolk?

Well, you have to nail some attention-grabbing smackeroos to the message board in the middle of the town; otherwise, there ain’t gonna be any conversions. Now that we’ve established why writing good, attention-grabbing headlines are important, we can go over what makes a headline good.

It should point out a problem that your audience has had for a long time. For example, if your audience is 50-year-old, obese, heart-attack-prone men, then a headline such as “Regain your youthful vigor one bite at a time”.

Not the best.

But I think it’ll do its job perfectly. 

Those men might miss their ability to lift heavy weights, walk ten miles and not pant, and the ability to enjoy challenges and not cover in weakness. They might also have their diet changed from the good ol’ bacon, eggs, steak, and other stuff a man needs on a daily basis to a diet consisting of toast, milk, and bread.

For them, a diet plan that will rejuvenate them and allow them to eat the foods again they have eaten forever without feeling guilty?

That would be salvation.

However, now that you’ve grabbed their curiosity, you have to keep it there as well.

In the coming days, I’m gonna go over the lead part of the email. Stay tuned.

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