How to write a killer email part 5 – The Coup de grace Romeo would be jealous of

Yes yes. We’ve finally come to the conclusion part.

The coup de grace, the blow of mercy that will propel your prospect towards their destination. 

It can be either as dramatic (if not more!) as Romeo’s coup de grace to himself at the end of the famous Shakespeare poem, or a little bit less dramatic – it depends on your client, her product, and of course… you! If you’ve done everything correctly up to this point (built your reader’s curiosity, established that you’re credible and that you can change their life for the better but didn’t give away too mucho of the salsa “sauce” to them), then you’re safe to direct them to the long-awaited close.

NOTE: How your close looks depends greatly on the frequency you send your emails out.

Let’s use yesterday’s example.

“Regain your youthful vigor one bite at a time”

They say that a man ages like wine: In his 40s, he’s got his career established, has his family, his kids are well on their way to getting started in life, and soon he’ll have grandkids.

These are all reasons for joy.

But can you experience joy if you can’t play football with your grandkids because you pant even after walking half a mile? Or lift them up and throw them in the air, hearing their playful giggle because they trust grandpa to catch them no matter what?

How can you believe the fact that men age like wine when you’ve got your life established yet you can’t eat what you want because your doctor “said so”?

Those crispy bacon with eggs for breakfast, washed down with a nice cup of coffee…

A glass of wine with your sweetheart on a warm summer evening…

Your favorite steak with potatoes…

All those worth-living-for meals are things of the past, swapped to boring legumes, chicken, and rice. With only a little bit of salt, might I add! 

(And skim milk, avoid fat at all costs!)

Well, what if I told you that those meals you’ve loved all your life don’t have to be things of the past?

(Along with the steak, bacon, coffee, wine, and those fatty foods that actually build testosterone)

You can have all of them.

Screw what the so-called “health experts” say!

I’ve regained my youthful vigor, look better than I did in my 20s, and I don’t pant when I need to do gardening.

And the best part?

Thanks to my method of living life, I can eat the foods that the “doctors” demonize.

And I’ve never been happier in my life.

To get my ebook to regain your youthful vigor and eat the foods you really want, click this link.


It can be this simple. At least if you write emails daily. In a way, writing daily emails is like hearing from a good friend every single day – you’re mostly communicating, but you’re giving them a possibility to buy – no hard selling involved (at least not directly)

It gets a bit more complicated if you’re selling to a cold market.

But it’s doable.

Keep in mind the five part email “lecture” that you’ve just learnt and you’ll profit big time – whether you’re selling to a “warm” market you communicate with daily, or you’re selling to “cold” market that hasn’t heard anything about you.

Doesn’t matter.

The purpose, at the end of the day, is,

  1. to communicate with your (or your client’s audience)
  2. drive your readers to another page.

You don’t need to overcomplicate anything – If you can fulfill these two, then your email has done its job.

P.S.: For the two people who read my posts daily, I apologize for yesterday’s fuark up where I time-traveled and sent the wrong part.

As a gift to you and a “punishment” for me, I have posted the whole five-part email lecture PLUS a secret article I’ve written exclusively for my website about an outrageous event that happened yesterday, and what it means for our future as sovereign individuals.

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