Don’t become a slave to this “R” word as I did

Yeah yeah.

There’s an “R” word that has gained a lot of attraction in this modern, work-filled world of ours.

Some folks say that it’s necessary to live a productive life, and I agree with them.

I have this “R” word in my life as well, but I had become a slave to it once in my life. My story served as a case-study for the mantra: “anything in excess is harmful”.

But first,

I have to reveal the “R” word, haven’t I?

The “R” word is none other than a nice word from a Hungarian artist named LL Junior:


Just kidding.

The word is routine.

And I had become a slave to it once in my life, and I experienced such an awkward experience that I vowed to forever be careful with it.

Here’s the story:

It was the second semester at university, and things were trucking along nicely. My courses were going great, spring was on full throttle, I had a great routine of self-improvement going on, had great and caring friends, and I was seeing a cute girl at the time. 

But something got out of whack along the way:

I got so obsessed with self-improvement at the time that I only allowed myself to read in the evening and nothing else.

No socializing, no going out for a walk with my mates, no watching a movie or a series, 

And as you might’ve guessed it,

No visiting the girl I was dating at the time.

Why did I do it?


Because I was a slave to my routine. Somehow in my derangement, I saw the action of seeing the girl as a thing that would mess up my sleep and I wouldn’t be as productive the next day or some crap…

And I haven’t even told you the worst part yet:


We lived in the same dorm. And she was two floors above me.

Told you I’ve gone mad.

Naturally, she’s had enough of me not giving enough attention to her for a few weeks and we decided to end our blossoming relationship. 

The lesson?

Have a routine that you can stick to because that’s the main way of getting things done, but don’t have blinders on that make you forget about your relationships or other obligations. This was how Sparta (and other Greek city states) got doomed in the ancient world: They were too rigid in their thinking and the Romans came and beat the crap out of them.


If you’re on self-improvement, 

Don’t become too obsessed with reading and constantly learning.

Go out there and have some leisure time with your girl (or boy) and live a social life – but select your friends carefully.

Don’t become a geek like I did.

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