CRIKEY! They want us to eat crickets now?

Such was the reaction of your favorite handsome, jacked, bald copywriter when he heard that the EU Parliament (or whoever makes the decisions) approved of putting crickets into our food supply.

At first, I thought that it was not a big deal and that only “specialized” foods will contain them.

I would’ve imagined “cricket flour” or “cricket sauce”… but no.

They’ll be doing the same thing they did with corn and high-fructose corn syrup.

Fookin’ crickets will be in everything

I repeat.


From chocolate to cereal, biscuits, pastries, pasta, potato products, meat products (such as sausages and salamis)  and sauces, everything will contain them.

They say that this is how they want to lower the meat consumption of European citizens. 

The worst part?

They don’t even have to put on the labels that they’ve put crickets into the food. 

Holla-ho!  Let’s kill one less pig or cow or chicken and kill millions more crickets to appease the “climate-change” crowd and fuark up everyone’s health in the process. Give a raise to whoever concocted this idea!


In my blissful ignorance, I didn’t think that they would put shit like crickets into our food. But looking back in recent history, it was coming.

With all the MSGs and other artificial flavorings that make us dumber to the food-dyes and other unknown crap they put into our food under the name of “aromas”, it was obvious that this was the next step.

The solution?

Don’t buy foods that contain them.

Buy raw and make your food at home if you don’t want to eat bugs.

I saw a comment that said “Imagine if you told a [Hungarian] peasant 400 years ago to eat bugs. He would’ve laughed in your face and told you to fuck off, and continued with eating his homegrown vegetables, home-baked bread that his wife lovely baked for him from the wheat they’ve grown with some cheese that they made from their hand-milked cow”


Take control of your food.

If they can control the intimate act of what you put into your body, what can’t they control?

I don’t have anything to pitch (surprising, I know), only to tell you:

Vote with your food dollar.

Only then can we stop this madness.