Big Smoke, White Smoke, Black Smoke, Smokin’ Hot

It might seem like it from the headline but I’m not talking about some kind of American Indian tribe’s chieftains going back five generations when bison still grazed on the plains of North America.

I’m also not talking about some pothead who envisions what kinds of joints he’s going to smoke in his apartment with Nachos and piss stains all over the floor and a thick fog of dope smoke (I think I invented another kind of smoke) surrounding him.

In fact, it might seem that I’m the pothead from the story I’m gonna tell you.

You see, I have a home gym in my attic where I have gymnastic rings, a bench (made from a sled and an ironing board, looks dope), some weights, and a “tatami mat” that is the box of a flat-screen TV that my brother had bought a while ago.

We have a pitched roof and as a result, we have windows on the two walls of the attic. One is overlooking the streets, and the other is looking at our garden and the hills behind us, a pretty picturesque sight.


From the rear window, I can see our chimney that comes up from our central heating system. 

Before I went up to get “jaxxinated” (a term I shamelessly stole from Zuby), I put some wood and coal on the fire.

The chimney was belching smoke like a black dragon in his treasure lair, and it got me thinking…

If you’re not a basement-dwelling kobold whose skin is burnt from direct exposure to sunlight, I guess you’ve been to a barbecue party before so you’ll be able to relate to the following:

When the fire has a lot of wood on it, it doesn’t burn bright but emits a lot of smoke.

Whereas, when the fire has just enough wood on it to continue burning, it gives a lot more heat and a lot less smoke.

People are the same way, in my opinion.

Those who don’t give a lot of heat emit the most smoke.

Whereas those who give a lot of heat, emit a lot less smoke.

Smoke can be seen miles away, that is why people used signal fires to communicate and to warn each other of an approaching enemy army – just like in the Lord of the Rings movies where they burn the signal fires on the towers to warn Minas Tirith about the oncoming army of Sauron.

Or just like the American Indians if they wanted to drop a message to their mates as they were hunting beavers.

Fire, on the other hand, only gives heat and light to the people closest to it.

So, how are people similar?

Ever seen a young, 21-year-old crypto-millionaire give advice on business and making wealth without ever being involved in a real business? 

They are like a fire with a huge smoke.

They don’t give a lot of heat, but they sure know how to generate attention and clout.

(And I’m saying this while I’m 21. I don’t know everything. I only talk about what I’ve personally experienced and the things I observe. I won’t give advice until I know and have a deep understanding of the topic.)

Whereas 31-year-old millionaires who’ve been in the trenches are like a roaring fire.

Although they don’t generate that much smoke, they sure give a lot of heat and light.

I’ve heard an interesting line from Jwaller as I was working out and he said that “If you strip me butt-naked and drop me in a random town in America, I would be lifting steel in six or eight weeks”.

Very powerful.

That is where true confidence comes from.

Not from getting lucky in a crypto pump.

It comes from hard results.

It comes from writing for hours upon hours and pumping out articles, emails, posts, landing pages, and sales letters.

There’s a certain feeling when you apply for a job at an agency and you can put a link to your website, several landing pages, point them to your LinkedIn profile where you have 160+ articles, or send them a screenshot of a sales letter you wrote.

So if the eggshell is still on your äss and you want to become confident when talking to clients, 

I suggest you start pumping out copy like a madman (or madwoman).

Build your portfolio.

Let your work sell your expertise. Don’t be a foo’ who has to lie about his experience. It doesn’t work with girls in the long run, why should it work with clients?

Become the fire that burns hot. Don’t be the kopeewritur who only emits smoke but doesn’t give real warmth.

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