Are free websites enough for a copywriter?

Well, If you want to have your “own” website which can be taken down any time you don’t fall in line with the service provider’s beliefs, sure, they’re enough.

There are numerous free plans on providers such as Mailerlite and others.

They’re aksuley good for beginner copywriters if they want to practice how to write landing pages or even sales letters – or if they want to check how running a newsletter for a client works. 

Most of the time, however,

Your free plan doesn’t include a professional email, you can only have rigid templates and options when customizing your website, and you don’t have your own domain and you’d have to resort to names like and other, similarly impersonal and amateur-looking domains.

Gotta admit it doesn’t look professional.  And I’m saying this even though I used this “sleazy salesman” free website name until this point.

I’m saying “until this point” because I’ve made my own website now.

There, you can contact me for work ( I do both copywriting and web design through WordPress if you’re interested ), learn more about me, or read my blog where I post about copywriting and self-development-related stuff daily.

Having your own website gives you a lot of freedom.

But it also comes with a price tag attached.

Nothing serious, though, you can get your own domain and storage from a good provider for the price of your first copywriting gig ( or even less ) – provided you learn how to make it yourself.

The only time it could be problematic is if you’re a student and don’t have income flowing in regularly. In that case, it might make your wallet’s weight loss more apparent, but it’s a good investment nonetheless.
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