An unused “R” word that lets you write better copy faster

There’s a certain “R” word that our society seems to have forgotten.

The lack of it is responsible for 99% of civilizational illnesses such as diabetes, obesity, insomnia, depression, anxiety, and all the things that plague today’s man and woman.

It would be simple to implement it.

(Very, very simple actually)

But so many people instead drift in the waves of their emotions, expecting something to change.

The lack of it is why people readily nibble on chocolate with bugs in it (at least in the EU), don’t go to the gym and remain obese, and don’t write copy like they’re supposed to (which is every day) and remain beginners.


What’s this unused “R” word?

It’s a short word… Rancid.

Just kidding.

It’s actually the word regularity.

People who have discipline in their lives and regulate their actions fare so much better in basically all areas that they’re involved in, be it fitness, health, work, career, relationships, etc.

And it doesn’t take a penny to implement it.

And it would make you a 100% better copywriter (or husband or wife) if you implemented it.

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